Telecon Agenda & Notes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Science Software culture telecon meeting notes: 05.16.2015

On call:

  • Annie Burgess
  • Bob Downs
  • Chris Lenhardt
  • Erin Robinson
  • Nic Weber

Ideas for what we might do in future months…

  • Combine our efforts with Force 11 group on Software Citation principles link
  • Pick up on any of the available topics from RENCI Workshop for data and software citation link
  • Collaborating with documentation or data stewardship clusters on future work towards principles for sustainable software stewardship. [more below]

Principles for Sustainable Software Stewardship

  • By principles we mean what activities / actions should be taken to ensure software remains accessible, and useful over the long-term.
  • And in what ways these principles are unique to ESIP stakeholders.
  • Should be like science software best practices… but not about engineering of software alone.
  • The inspiration for this activity is the data stewardship principles that describe responsible curation of earth science data, without being prescriptive of how those curation activities are to be implemented / carried out
  • Our hope is to have some sort of community-wide ESIP revision of these principles and a vote of some kind for their acceptance (?)

Principles for Data Stewardship

  • Were voted on by ESIP general assembly
  • Were approved as a “policy recommendation” by ESIP
  • Received extensive input from technology cluster
  • 2 to 3 pages, bulleted points that identify stakeholders and responsibilities.

Next steps for this effort:

  1. Chris will draft emails for potential speakers during our summer meeting.
  2. High level document for stewarding software outline. This might include following topics
    • Documentation (should recognize the funder)
    • Recommended citation
    • Recommended license
    • hosting (where lives)
  3. Second “related topics” document
    • gather project that may be already working on some of these issues
    • provide place for contributions.
  4. Next meeting: 06/19 or 06/26 ?