Telecon 2018-08-01

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

August 1, 2018:

Attendees: Colin, Kristin, Stevan, John Porter, Kaelin

Colin went through presentation he gave at ESIP:

  • History
  • ESIP Cluster established 2018
  • Hackathon 2018
  • Implementation and community-building ….

Concern: Duplication of registration in different code registries?

  • Some people in working group wanted to focus on workflows
  • Other members of the community want one stop shopping for all software useful for IM
    • Example: EML Assembly Line and underlying R functions would all be registered

Features of current IMCR

  • IMCR presently accepting all types of code at all levels of development.
  • No quality standards are presently enforced.
  • IMCR is source of best practices. Resources will help contributors to increment the quality of their code.
  • Controlled vocabulary is needed
  • Use/activity metrics desirable

ESIP cluster purpose:

  • supporting community collaboration and development.
  • has a governing body implementing and maintaining community requested features

Should IMCR include all code? How do you find what’s useful?

  • One doesn’t typically go to a registry and start searching by keywords for software, because you end up with obsolete software or code that’s incomplete. It’s better to search blogs and look for similar use cases and then see what other people are using.
  • Registry needs to have a focus
  • Do we need a forum (blogs) about ‘I had this problem’, and I solved it with these tools…?
  • We could ask people to write articles in Databits and commit to putting them in a blog. This would allow us to accept anything, while still having a focus. We could focus on things that are absent elsewhere. example of software registry