Telecon 10.31.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

EOS piece

  • Encouraging support from Barb Richman, Manager, News Publications EOS
    • Maybe time before AGU
  • Got draft back from Anne J, still struggling with message focus, distinction, pithy statement
  • Another round with Anne: telecon

working group budget proposal

  • To fund workshop, high priority ****
  • Carol, process?

workshop invitations

Decided in telecon

  • Anne to phone Micheal Tiemann and Todd Vision, with help getting phone numbers from Carol and Erin
  • Inviting these alternates:
    • Jen Schopf (Anne)
    • Andrew Turner, ESRI (Carol)
    • Billy Williams, AGU (Erin, Carol)



  • Established plan for the day, planning on track

plenary and breakout sessions

  • On hold, while focusing on message, EOS piece