Telecon 10.28.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants: Anne Wilson; Bob Downs; Carol Meyer

1. General

Conversation about who to involve on the panel.
Jen Schopf as an workshop invitee, to represent the networking infrastructure angle

2. Messaging

  • Issues to be underscored - data collection is a temporary activity; data become at risk after collection activities due to lack of explicit support for data stewardship; data generator *might* not have access to their data if its archiving has not been supported; publications fill some of this gap for research results, less on the data
  • High Level Questions:
  • how much metadata to preserve
  • what metadata to preserve

Four Themes

Need to say why this is important - why we should care; answer the so what question

  • Culture
  • reactive rather than proactive - needs to be forward looking
  • need professional development/education to affect culture change
  • need incentives = Funding
  • Technology Drivers
  • new technologies create research opportunities
  • new technologies potentially change current stewardship paradigm
  • Stewardship of Scientific Assets
  • metadata issues
  • what gets saved & how?
  • what can be re-generated rather than saved?
  • Funding
  • ROI
  • What are the examples of game changers; what are the driving forces?
  1. Carol to reach out to Andrew Turner, Esri for workshop participation
  2. Everyone to read Eos piece and help with messaging
  1. finalize plenary panel list via email
  2. articulate our questions - plus, 'what could the study do for your agency' (no slides, instead a conversation)
  3. draft invitation ** carol to draft invitation
  4. carol send email regarding structuring the breakout