Telecon 10.21.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Workshop planning 10.21.13

Anne, Paul, Bill, Carol, Bob, Chris

Discussed 2 ESIP-related sessions: a plenary and a breakout


goal of plenary
  • quick feedback from workshop to community, keep community informed
  • get community input
  • elicit buy in
framing of plenary
  • "what do you see as optimal benefit?"
  • "how broad should such a study be?
structuring of plenary
  1. 15 minute recap of workshop
  2. 5 minutes * 6 panelists = 30 minutes
  3. 45 minutes of Q&A
who to invite as panelists
  • representative(s) from interagency activities, e.g., OSTP, NITRD
  • representatives from NASA, NOAA, USGS, DOE, EPA
  • ACTION ITEM: finalize plenary panel via email
  • ACTION ITEM: articulate our questions for the panelists
  • ACTION ITEM: draft invitation to panelists (as should be sent ASAP) - Carol to do this

Breakout session

goal of breakout
framing of breakout
structuring of breakout
who to invite

Workshop planning

Invitee list here: [[]] Carol and Bill developed outline We decided that our steering committee would also be participants (for that that are interested in doing so)