Telecon 10.17.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

DDS 10.17.13 Updates

We are now a working group

  • We are now the Data Study Working Group
    • ramifications - Carol?
  • Though wiki page has a new name, old URLs should work

EOS piece

  • Link to latest draft, draft 4:
  • Currently in hands of Anne Johnson, to be delivered Friday at the latest

Regarding publication in EOS

  • queried Wendy Gordon, thwarted
  • pinged Lee Allison
  • plan is to get draft from Anne J, then send to Christina Cohen (Erin's contact), Peter Fox, and Lee Allison
    • (Christina mentioned her editor-in-chief would be back next week. That may be the same Barbara Richman that Peter connected us with, who was away at the time.)

Workshop funding

  • $10K additional from RENCI's National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS)
    • David Knowles, Stan Ahalt, Chris Lenhardt, thank you!

Workshop planning

  • Conversations with Bill Michener
  • Title: "Research Priorities for the Science Data Enterprise"

Workshop invitations

The invitation:

"The ESIP Federation, with support from the Moore Foundation, LASP, DataONE, the Board on Research Data and Information and the National Consortium for Data Science, is convening a one-day workshop to scope a study that would be done by the National Research Council in 2014-2015 on Research Priorities for the Science Data Enterprise. The workshop seeks to:

  • Define the primary emphases of an Academy study (domains, practice, priorities for research and funding, infrastructure)
  • Identify some of the grand challenges in scientific data infrastructure
  • Articulate why a study of these issues is needed now
  • Define the stakeholders of the study

The results of the workshop will be documented in a formal report, including highlights of key inputs from workshop participants and consensus recommendations made by its participants. The The workshop will be held on January 7, 2014 at the Renaissance Dupont Circle in Washington, DC and will bring together distinguished participants, representing broad stakeholder interests and thought leaders in the field of data science and supporting infrastructure. The workshop will be facilitated by William Michener, University of New Mexico Libraries and PI, DataONE.

A limited amount of travel support is available for workshop participants. Please accept or decline this invitation by Wednesday, October 23, 2014 to allow us to proceed with the workshop’s planning.

We look forward to seeing you in January.

Kind regards,

Carol B. Meyer (for the Workshop Steering Committee)"

Community input to the workshop

Wiki page reorg?

  • Suggest reorg, removal of superseded cruft

Resulting telecon notes, action items