Telecon 10.03.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • EOS article:
    • Outline is Anne J's hands, expect to hear back week of 10/14 or possibly sooner
    • Peter provided contact to Publication Director, who is away until 10/14, darn!! Cold contact designates??
  • Workshop
    • Held planning telecom with Bill Michener
  • BRDI response, Paul

To Do

  • Decide working group name, we need to move away from 'decadal' language
  • Workshop title, same as above? Carol: "Research Priorities for the Science Data Enterprise" ?
  • Flesh out list of stakeholder roles/invitees
  • A schedule for moving forward, e.g., send invitations 10/15
  • Start forum for community input
    • What questions to ask the community?
    • Prototype a page?