Telecon 09.26.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

DDS 9.26.13 Updates

EOS piece

  • Link to latest draft, draft 4:
  • Anne Johnson, our RENCI in-house writer
  • Anne, Carol, Chris, Bob to finish outline, deliver to Anne Johnson (RENCI writer)
  • planning for a) being able to publish before AGU, b) having to publish after AGU

Regarding publication in EOS

  • Important to engage w/ EOS now to ensure interest and focus
  • Updates on approaching EOS editors/reps regarding publication
  • Anne to ping Karen

Community input now to help scope workshop?

  • A web page?

Carol spoke to the BRDI Board meeting

  • fairly positive reaction, insights into Academy mechanisms
  • D survey process might not be appropriate vehicle

Workshop funding

  • $10K from Moore
  • NSF Geo won't fund alone, but might pair with another division, maybe ACI


Becoming a working group

  • Curt supports the effort, will speak with Carol

Resulting telecon notes, action items

EOS piece

  • Anne W to ask for feedback from Anne J on outline before weekend to identify any needed course corrections DONE - Anne provided excellent feedback on the outline. Carol, Chris, Bob, and Anne W to work on outline and pass to Anne, perhaps next week.
  • Anne (W) to ping an EOS editor directly
    • Peter F has agreed to provide introduction
  • If we don't get published before AGU it's not the end of the world as there are other avenues to publicize the effort, though there's still some hope

Proposed: a forum for the community to weigh in

As the workshop will be closed, we can provide a means for the community to speak. This could also provide some publicity.

Becoming a working group

  • The Executive Committee meeting is the 2nd Thursday of the month
  • We need a name for the working group before then 2nd Thursday of October. As we are not yet fully sure that a Decadal Survey is the best NRC vehicle, our name should be more general
  • Anne to make a wiki for the name discussion. DONE:

Workshop funding

  • NSF somewhat turned us down. We'll take NSF and NASA off the table and continue moving forward anyway

The workshop

Next telecon

  • Anne on travel next week (unless the government closes) and on leave the week of 10/7 - 10/11
  • We'll schedule a telecon for Thursday, 10/17. If we don't need it we won't use it.
  • Regularly scheduled telecon is Thursday, 10/24. If we don't need it we won't use it.