Telecon 09.05.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

DDS 9.5.13 updates


  • Use of Grey's phrase "data intensive science"
  • Paul's title "A Strategy of Research Priorities in Data-Intensive Science"
    • spelled with a hyphen??

EOS piece

Info regarding publication in EOS

  • Anne has not heard back from Lee Allison (ESSI rep to editorial board)
  • Time to go to plan B, pick editor directly?


  • Could we, should we try to become a working group?
  • Anyone heard about acceptance of AGU submissions?
  • Other?

Meeting highlights, outcome (from Anne's personal notes)

Attended: Anne, Carol, Cheryl, Subhash, Paul, Chris, Erin, Bob

Below, "(A)" denotes an action item.

  • Discussion regarding "Data-Intensive Science": a good phrase to leverage, but don't want to leave impression that we are focusing on science issues done with data, as opposed to research priorities regarding the data themselves
  • Workshop funding:
    • haven't yet heard from Moore
    • Paul created info sheet for Eva to share at NSF and NASA, we hope they'll get back to us in a few weeks
    • We should move ahead with workshop even if not all funding comes through, in order to get survey started in 2014
  • EOS draft needs reorg, cutting
    • Chris to write outline for our review (A)
    • Chris to make next draft available to cluster before next week (A)
    • We'll invite July panelists to be authors
    • We are targeting 'feature article' category with 2500 word limit
    • Carol to ping Lee Allison next week regarding moving this quickly through publication process (A)
    • Anne to look into requirements regarding references for a feature article (A)
  • We need a killer use case. Chris shared a recent EOS article, "Computational Earth Science: Big Data Transformed Into Insight", August 6, 2013
    • Anyone have a killer use case?
  • Telecon participant in favor of requesting to be a working group
    • Carol, Anne to write rationale to be presented to Excomm, which meets on Fri, Sept 20 (A)
    • Anne to ask Curt, as Stewardship and Preservation Committe Chair, to make request to Excomm (A)
  • Next telecon two weeks, on Sept 19, 3:00 ET
    • Erin to create meeting venue for us (A)