Telecon 07.25.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Agenda topics

summary/discussion of panel discussion, working session

  • decision made regarding scope
  • kellog logic mode
  • Bill Michener support, has experience in planing

AGU town hall, piggyback on Sarah and Denise's panel

Compelling opinion piece

small, quick funding to

  • hold a planning workshop in conjunction w/ winter ESIP
  • review and synthesize prior work

Telecon summary points and action items

The BRDI Board is meeting September. Paul would like to hold session regarding DDS on morning of 9/23. We should prepare a plan of activity document for that, based on the EOS article. Be able to provide this one week before 9/23. (We hope EOS article will be done well before that.)

EOS article next step

Anne to make Google doc, share with these people who volunteered: Bob, Anne, Chris, Frew, Bill Michener, Rama, Ruth, Steve Kempler. We will make a working draft to provide to wiki ASAP.

January planning workshop

Anne, Paul, Carol to talk early next week re: funding sources and who would receive them.

Working with idea of one day of workshop, with one night of lodging for travelers.

Erin, Carol have spreadsheets with info regarding the cost of past workshops, which can help us estimate a cost for this one.

From that info, we will make a spread sheet of our own anticipated costs.

We will have a cluster discussion via email regarding the roles/types of people and individuals to invite: planning experience, BRDI Board suggestions, people with Survey experience... Invitations should be provided by end of November.

AGU Town Hall

Including and ESIP perspective on the panel that would highlight the DDS makes sense.

Anne is interested in being that panelist.

Note to Denise and Sarah: This change to the 2nd sentence in the abstract was suggested: How can we communicate the importance of data management in addressing use needs?

Misc important points

Sarah could possibly be recipient of funds to: do some synthesis of prior work, attend workshop, take notes, write conclusions. Would this dovetail with your dissertation work?

Time is of the essence!