Telecon 05.23.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Telecon Notes, Resulting Action Items

  • Paul, Cheryl will find Decadal Surveys for us to review that are more like what we envision for the DDS
    • not narrowly focused, but broad, distributed, much larger community
  • There is now a separate section on the Panel Discussion wiki page to define the questions for the panelists, here: Questions_for_the_Panel.
  • The June telecon will be the 3rd Thursday in June, 6/20, and NOT the 4th, 6/27
    • That will be the final telecon before the panel discussion
  • Notes by Denise (thank you, Denise!!): Telecon Notes

Working Notes

Panel Discussion Big Picture

(Please chime in!)

Panel goal

  • Describe some options for a Data Decadal Survey wrt scope
  • identify grand challenges
  • Write that up?


  • stimulate imagination of potential funders
  • determine what a DDS could enable under various options
  • determine funder view points

Would it worthwhile to end the panel discussion by inviting input from other ESIP members?

Panelist Invitations

  • 4 voters voted
  • We have sent an invitation to Dan Baker (LASP, Boulder), are awaiting a response, will ping on Tuesday
  • Are asking to move Stan Ahalt (RENCI, a local) from other panel to this panel
  • Upon hearing from Dan, will invite Michael Tiemann (Red Hat, a local)
  • Carol to chat with Todd Vision (UNC, a local)

Panel Introduction/Motivation

Current Difficulties

  • The usual stuff: can't find, insufficient stewardship, etc.

List of current efforts/collaborations

  • DataONE, NSF
  • Big Earth Data Initiative, BEDI, OSTP
  • RDA
  • ...

List of material regarding reviews already conducted

  • list of references

List of trends/challenges/opportunities for the future

  • Unstructured vs structured data
  • Increasing ubiquity of sensors
  • Use of UAVs, drones to collect data
  • Varying scales of data: nano, continental, and beyond
  • Lack of sufficient decision making support
  • Impact of open science, open publishing
  • Highly connected world of phones, computers, cars, etc
  • Citizen science
  • ...

Introduction to a Decadal Survey

  • The goal, process

A Data Decadal Survey

  • What it might be
    • Data lifecycle model
    • We are here now to discuss scope
  • How this is different from most other Decadal Surveys
    • Most canvas entire smaller community, result in few large missions/facilities/research initiatives
    • Here, we can't canvas entire community, is more distributed, small scale, PI driven, commercial and noncommercial