Telecon 04.25.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Present: Anne W., Rama, Ruth D., Beth H., Joe H., Cheryl L., Steve A., Subhash K., Jeannie B., Carol M., Bob D.

Introductions of BRDI members present

Cheryl Levey

  • Senior Program Associate, National Academy of Sciences, BRDI
  • communications, dissemination, publication, program development for BRDI

Subhash Kuvelker

  • Senior program officer at BRDI, director study for board on digital curation, working with div of eng : anaylsis of big data
  • bkground: engineering, mgmt, economics, law
  • aslo working w/ N A Eng

our goals for the panel discussion

  • raise awareness
  • discuss scope, substance, methods
  • purpose of survey, statement of task
    • id priorities and alloc resources for data assets : data mgmt that is archived, preserved…
  • opinions on why or why not do a survey

content of abstract for panel discussion

  • why we believe is worthwhile
  • our view of survey purpose
  • here are goals for session
  • questions for the panel
    • what gaps could be best addressed by survey, that can't be addressed ow
    • what would be metrics for survey success?
    • what is your vision for the future regarding data?
  • Anne to write 1st draft of abstract, send to group for review

who to invite to be on the panel

(The following are just suggestions at this point)

  • someone to represent ESIP
  • visionary role: we would like to start with an exciting vision of the future possible with improved data access and use, and we seek a speaker for that role
    • Berrien Moore, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, University of Oklahoma
    • Chris Greer, Associate Director for Progrma Implemention in Information Technology Laboratory, NIST
    • Piers Sellers, astronaut, meteorology, computer modeling
    • The (2 hour) video "Earth from Space", Earth from Space has comments from visionary-types
      • (From Netflix) cast: Waleed Abdalati, David Adamec, Charlie Bristow, Carl Feldman, Holly Gilbert, Jeffrey B. Halverson, Jay O. Sanders, Piers Sellers, Emily Shuckburgh
  • chair or sceintific expert member of a successful decadal survey in a diffuse research area similar to research in data management
    • Berrien
    • "Lessons Learned in Decadal Planning in Space Science, A Workshop", Report from Nov 12, 2012 workshop, includes names of workshop presenters and moderators, including several we mentioned today
    • Dan Baker, Heliophysicist, Director of LASP, Chair of Heliophysics Decadal Survey, though that was not a "diffuse" survey...
    • Marth Maiden
  • Reserach funder who has implemented research priorities in a funding portfolio based on antoher survey
    • Martha Maiden
  • A staffer who has directed such a survey at the Academy
    • Cheryl will take a look at existing reports for potential people
  • Representative from an agency that would provide funding
    • Jeff Newmark, Solar Physicist


  • We will start by asking invitees to support their own travel and participation
  • The discussion will be available via WebEx, so a panelist could possibly participate that way
  • We anticipate an hour for the panel, plus maybe 15 minutes
  • Perhaps a 5 minute "ignite"-type talk from each panelist, to motivate Q&A and leave plenty of opportunity for discussion?

conclusion, action items, moving forward

  • Anne to draft panel discussion abstract, circulate for feedback
  • Anne is away 4/27 - 5/5.
  • We need to identify and invite panelists ASAP

Supporting material

  • "Public Access to Federally-Supported Research and Development Data and Publications", excerpts:
    • "The America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010 (ACRA; Public Law 111-358), calls for coordination of Federal science agency research and policies related to the dissemination and long-term stewardship of the results of unclassified research supported wholly or in part by funding from the Federal science agencies, including both digital data and peer-reviewed scholarly publications." [emphasis by Anne]
    • As part of this planning process, a group of cooperating agencies (see list below) has requested that the National Research Council (NRC) Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (DBASSE) organize two planning meetings. The agendas of these two meetings (one focusing on scientific data, and the other on scholarly publications) will primarily comprise time for stakeholder input, with brief introductory addresses by a select few experts and summarizing commentary by equally few rapporteurs."
    • Sponsoring Agencies:
      • Department of Agriculture
      • Department of Commerce
        • National Institute of Standards and Technology
        • National Technical Information Service
        • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
      • Department of Defense
      • Department of Education
      • Department of Energy
      • Department of Health and Human Services
        • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
        • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
        • Food and Drug Administration
        • National Institutes of Health
      • Department of Homeland Security
      • Department of the Interior
        • United States Geological Survey
      • Department of Transportation
      • Department of Veterans Affairs
      • Environmental Protection Agency
      • Institute of Museum and Library Services
      • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
      • National Endowment for the Humanities
      • National Science Foundation
      • Office of the Director of National Intelligence
      • Smithsonian Institution
      • United States Agency for International Development