Telecon 03.21.13 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Items for discussion

Notes from recent telecon with Paul

Highlights from that conversation:

  • Keep a reference list, but table the literature review, reference list
  • Possible summer meeting targets
    • panel discussion
    • subsequent working session
  • Possible subsequent workshop w/invited reps from wider scope

Meeting Summary by Anne

  • We agreed upon a working version of a mission statement for the cluster, cluster mission statement, though also agreed that we can modify it if necessary.
  • Working plan:
    • July: summer meeting, with panel discussion and working session
    • Aug/Sept: write white paper for potential fall workshop
    • Sept: fall workshop with broader participation, perhaps in conjunction with BRDI meeting?
  • This spring we will draft an abstract and futher plan for the summer meeting panel session. A wiki page for that purpose is available here: Summer 2013 panel discussion
    • We see the discussion as first having two parts: a speaker or speakers to provide a vision for the future, followed by the panel discussion
    • On the wiki page we will discuss possible "visionaries" and also possible panel members.
  • The outcome of the panel discussion will be a white paper to be used to inform a potential subsequent meeting of organization representatives that is broader than ESIP. This meeting may be held in conjunction with the September BRDI meeting.