Telecon 03.06.14 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The goal of this document - discussion purposes. How we will use it: We will ask BRDI for feedback, draft only for purpose of discussion, doesn't need to be final transmission - from Peter or Carol, Carol to talk w/ Peter and draft next step: wait for BRDI feedback

A compelling box - public investment in dm side when volumes are increasing, budgets flat for dm, find actual $ spent on data management?

Paul: definitional problem - each agency defines differently, extremely labor intensive, don't break out that way? C: CBO sense? P: maybe...

"Transparency in accounting for how we invest our resources"

monetize what's going on now in our 'data revolution'

bleak financial picture

"agency funders report having to do more w/ less"

P: go to data centers - B: look at ESDIS as a whole Rama for info? ask him ***

      • asking group for info regarding $ spent on data mgmt

sustained funding beyond life of project

        • ask group for DoD examples of security depending on data