Telecon 01.16.14 materials

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Meeting Post Mortem


Breakout session

Anne's slides for the session:

Notes from session:

Working session

Anne's slides for the working session:

Developed a plan, see notes on post meeting wiki page,


This seems to shift our plans...

Getting the survey done - groups, individuals with possible overlapping interests

  • C Borgman, UCLA, Information Studies
  • C Palmer, Illinois, Library and Information Science
  • Sloan grant to fund a PhD student


No word yet on EOS paper

Inputs to Forum??? Carol or Erin

Telecon notes, Next Steps

Anne, Beth, Chris, Paul, Frew

Ask Stan who is the messenger that he recommended.

Paul: writing the proposal, getting funded, and doing the study could take 2 years. Chris: there may be quicker, unconventional alternatives, but they might not have the same impact.

Europeans, UK may have done studies re: economic impact of data in pursuit of open science, could maybe leverage these. Leverage the methodology Kevin Ashley referenced.

In the interest of time, we must do the synthesis report while also getting the proposal written so that process of the study can get started.

We seem to have consensus on doing a synthesis of prior work and the framing of the study, so next steps would be to articulate those.

No consensus that scope should be limited to Earth Science. Paul: A high level study (a data infrastructure that fits all) is needed to get the attention of Congress. Furthermore, it would be mistake to limit a high level study to Earth Science.

Two possible routes, with grey areas in between:

  • Agencies fund study, which may not get attention of Congress because agencies have a vested interest in the outcome
  • Foundations fund study
  • Some combination, e.g., NSF and some foundations

We would like to meet every other week in order to keep our momentum.

Action Items

If you would like access to these docs and don't have it already please contact Anne.

We will shop this around for funding.

  • Anne to make two google docs, one for each. DONE.