Technical Workshops

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Metadata and Application Services Use and Lessons Learned

Tuesday, January 6 2-3:30 pm
Phil Yang, George Mason University
Metadata Utilization for Earth Science Applications
This presentation will have a comprehensive introduction to "how could we utilize metadata through examples" including 1) data archive, 2) catalog and data search, 3) semantic search, 4) service registry, discovery, and utilization.

Karl Benedict, University of New Mexico
Complementary Web Service Models: REST and SOAP as Used and Adopted in the PHAiRS Project
This presentation will provide and example of how the combined use of HTTP and SOAP web service request models in the PHAiRS project have illustrated the complementary roles that these services can play in the development of end-user consumable products and services. In particular, it emphasizes that it is not a question of one or another service model that should be implemented, but instead which service interface is likely to meet the needs of the users and systems that will consume those services.

Tutorial on advance semantic web topics and application development; tools and services.

Tuesday, January 6 4-5:30 pm
Peter Fox, RPI
Tutorial on advance semantic web topics and application development; tools and services.
This session continues a series of tutorials related to development and use of semantic web methodologies and technologies for Earth Sciences data systems. This tutorial will focus on foundational topics such as semantic queries and rules as well as practical procedures for developing and implementing semantic capabilities in existing technical architectures. We will cover common tools for generating ontologies, and related software for generating running code, reasoners, triple stores, etc.

Scalable Data Discovery and Space/Time Granule Query

Wednesday, January 7, 2-3:30 pm
Searching for Earth Science Data: Why So Difficult???
Brian Wilson, JPL and Chris Lynnes, NASA GSFC
Try to find ALL the aerosol data files available for the Chaiten volcanic eruption in July 2008. (Go on, we'll wait.) It's not very easy. So many directories to look through, just to find the datasets, and some likely aren't in ANY directory. And then to actually get the data files, you need to learn and use several different search / order / access tools.
We will explore the solution space for The Data Search Problem. To seed the discussion, we will suggest two different possibilities, one based on federated search, the other on web crawling. Other suggestions also are actively sought. We will try to develop an actionable solution, with action items to follow.

OGC Sensor Web Enablement

Wednesday, January 7 4-5:30 pm
George Percivall, OGC
OGC Sensor Web Enablement
This session reviews the SWE specifications that were adopted earlier this year as version 1.0 standards. The session will provide an overview of several pilots implementing the SWE standards in different operational environments.