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The 2009 ESIP Teacher Track Sessions are sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Wednesday, July 8

Location: Bren GIS Lab

1:00: Welcome, Workshop Overview & Introductions (Margaret Mooney, ESIP Education Chair)
1:30: Climate Literacy Essential Principles (Tamara Ledley, Climate Literacy Network/TERC)
2:00: Activities to incorporate NOAA Weather & Climate Data into the Classroom (LuAnn Dahlman, NOAA Climate Program Office)
3:00: Break
3:30 Ocean Temperature, Salinity and Density (Gregg Foti, NASA PO. DAAC, Annette Decharon, Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence)
4:30: Seaicebox: Exploring Sea Ice in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions (Annette Schloss, UNH)

Thursday, July 9

Workshops will take place in the Bren GIS and Main Computing Labs. Sessions will run concurrently with the first listed session in the time slot in the GIS Lab, the second listed session in the Main Computing Lab.

  • Satellite Observations in Science Education (Tommy Jasmin, CIMSS, UW-Madison) - GIS Lab
  • Using the 2008 TerraViva! SEDAC Viewer in the Classroom (Robert R. Downs, CIESIN, Columbia University) - Main Computing Lab


  • Break


  • Personal Mapping with Google Earth (Raj Singh, Open Geospatial Consortium) - GIS Lab
  • Sampling the Sea (Bruce Caron and Constance Penley) - Main Computing Lab


  • World Ocean Atlas (WOA) Data Viewer (Martin Landsfeld (NASA DIAL ACCESS Project)) - GIS Lab
  • Earth Exploration Toolbook (Tamara Ledley, TERC) - Main Computing Lab


  • Lunch


  • NWS Education Products and Services for Teachers, Students and the Public (Ron Gird, NOAA NWS) - GIS Lab
  • Climate Change Activities That Clarify the 2007 IPCC Report (Margaret Mooney, CIMSS/SSEC, UW-Madison) - Main Computing Lab


  • Break - reconvene as one group in the GIS lab after break


  • Overview and Recap of ESIP Educational Resources (Brian Rogan, ESIP Federation Partner and Outreach Coordinator)- GIS Lab


  • Share-a-thon, evaluations, wrap-up - GIS Lab


  • Adjourn