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Workspace Questions -- Erinmr 19:21, 13 January 2010 (EST)

Work or activity to be done is the focus.

In the literature workspace often means a central repository where the group shares their content.

  • shift from workspace design to how to use the wiki workspace in order to support collaborative work
  • How do collecting resources support collaborative work? seems like our system is a write-only and that connections aren't made between resources and relationship to activity
  • open source science - As with all open source projects, the final product emerges gradually through a large number of iterative changes. (Source)
  • How do workspaces facilitate an 'informal community' If a chemist has a problem with a reaction, they will typically ask their colleagues in the same group/lab/building for advice. Open source communities do exactly the same thing, but over much larger (geographical and social) distances. (Source)