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Major NE Wildfire Event - George Allen, 2010-06-01

Where in the world is Rudy? fyi - there are [once again] Quebec fires sending smoke our way -- some sites ~150 ug/m3 1-h pm. I can smell it strongly in Boston. Lake George in NY had to basically shut down today per Dirk Felton. ANT data from today for elevated sites is attached. I don't trust the VT FDMS teoms, and neither does VT. But Whiteface is impressive as are some Maine sites.

Much to my surprise, still has actual 1-h pm2.5 concentration animations, including CAN data. Select northeast region from the pulldown menu.

Other products, such as 3-h running AQI breakpoint conc. data animations are also available -- these are helpful in tracking the plumes. See:

Re: Major NE Wildfire Event - Erinmr, 1 June 2010 (MDT)

I started an EventSpace for the Quebec Wildfires, an air quality event workspace, to collect data and social media (pics, links). I added the links from George to the data page for the fires. I have also added kmls for an airnow animation from May 29 to this morning and the NAAPS smoke model over the same time period.

If you have other data, pics, etc or want to contribute some air quality analysis/explanation you can add them to the wiki, e-mail me or tag them on Delicious or flickr with the tags we are using for the event: Aerosolnet+Quebec+Wildfire+2010.