TP Statement

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Tracey C. Pilone, PE; Element 84, Inc. Nominee for Member-at-Large, ESIP Board.

I am excited to declare my candidacy for an at-large position on the ESIP board. I am President of Element 84, a small, woman-owned software development company that specializes in high capacity, high availability, petabyte-scale earth science data, search and metadata management. We have been involved with Earth Science projects since our inception in 2010 and a member of ESIP for almost three years. My work at Element 84 consists of running all of our business operations as we’ve grown from a two person company in 2010 to a team of 30 today. I also add my expertise to some of our customer projects, including the EarthCube Conceptual Architecture team.

I’m looking forward to serving on the board to be able to provide ESIP with my expertise in business operations and scaling the company. My work in managing our finances, legal, business strategy, new business acquisition, risk mitigation, and recruiting pipelines will benefit ESIP during this period of reorganization and growth. I’ve attended ESIP meetings for years and have always enjoyed the technical presentations -- the prospect of being able to add my business expertise the organization is very exciting for me and I look forward to helping ESIP thrive.