TIWG Agenda July 22 2010

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

This session will discuss the use cases that the NASA Technology Infusion Working Group has been collecting for the Decadal Survey missions - CLARREO, DESDynI-L, and SMAP. The workshop aims to gather community input on identifying commonality and technical challenges across the missions as well as identifying any missing use cases.


  • Session 1
    • Introduction, purpose, and goals
    • Background on the Decadal Survey
    • Background on the Capability Vision
    • User communities overview
    • Overview of the use cases
  • Session 2
    • Group assessment of first use case
  • Session 3
    • Breakout groups - use case detail
  • Session 4 - Summary and conclusions
    • Identify common themes
    • Identify missing use cases
    • Define next steps

Backup Documentation

Use Cases. (TIWG wiki - moved 2010-12-30)

Capability Vision Pyramid (png)

Capability Vision Pyramid with notes (pdf)

Capability Vision - capability details (pdf)

Decadal Survey Missions Poster (pdf)

Developing Use Cases from the Various User Communities for Decadal Survey Mission Products (pdf)

Session worksheet (Google docs).