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  1. re3data model update: Guest: Doug Fils to introduce metadata model for re3data




Doug shared the work happening at the Registry Working Group, within the Council for Data Facilities - funded by EarthCube.


Working with Google to optimize dataset discovery.

EarthCube funded project "418" that includes repository metadata and dataset discovery.

re3data schema as compared to what the Registry Working Group was considering: Action: Review the comparison and determine if any repository metadata needed for Sustainability is missing. Also look at the full re3data schema below.

re3data full schema:

Poster for efforts at the Registry Working Group

GitHub for the Project: What is Scholix? Scholix is short for Scholarly Link Exchange. The goal of Scholix is to improve the links between scholarly literature and research data as well as between data and data. Action: Shelley will share the RDA recording link that moment it's published.

Project 418 GitHub

Gary Motz Indiana Geological Survey - very interested to implement

Action Items