Sustainable Data Management/20170908 telcon notes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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    • Access Code: 618-011-013


  1. Summer meeting follow up


Bob Downs, Margaret O'Brien, Corinna Gries, Gary Motz, Philip Tarrant, Shelley Stall


Anne Wilson



Report from Shelley:

RE3data: a repository of repositories, for all research. updates were very difficult, and needed to be coordinated. CDF (earthcube) suggested that repos own their data and keep it locally, and allow entities such as re3data to harvest and aggregate as needed.


  • repo owns its own data
  • expose your data thru webservices (other engines can search it too, eg google, bing).


  • 10 pilot sites have done the work.
  • need to finalize metadata
  • metadata recommendations

This group could review metadata, and comment on its usability for its purpose

github repo:


we should write up what we have. this may take a specialized call to get moving.

another (or additional) option is to write a proposal for analysis of many of our repositories. perhaps by having a consultant (like Beagrie) do it. however, the repos he analyzed were quite old, and have established communities. Our communities are small, and it is not clear if those techniques (ie, that investigated our user communities) would benefit us, or tell us us useful info.

could use the LTER context - how valuable are the data and services of each LTER site? LTER is approaching 40 years, so could be part of a decadal event. may need a pilot study to determine what is feasible. likely more than an EAGER, but smaller than a full project.

need: postdoc to develop the method and go around and do interviews. NSF would be interested, but not clear the $$ then would want to contribute.

see the Make Data Count project:

Action Items

  1. Shelley find link to github repo, with metadata description. re3data may be finalizing it soon.
  2. disseminate (margaret) discuss (all)
  3. invite Doug Fils to present their metadata plan, here (Margaret)
  4. attend the dataone webinar next week
  5. read about this new project "FAIR data", :