Sustainable Data Management/20170714 telcon notes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

To connect

  • Dial in using your phone: :United States: +1 (571) 317-3122
    • Access Code: 618-011-013


  1. Summer meeting
  2. Budget requests
    2. info
      1. Clusters do not have annual budgets. However, clusters can submit "as needed budgets" for "special projects"
      2. All budget requests should be clearly linked to goals outlined in the the ESIP strategic plan (
    3. considerations from Helen Conover (financial committee)
      1. If you have any questions about the budget request process, please feel free to ask me (Slack: @hconover, or Erin (Slack: @erinrobinson,
      2. Budget requests should be submitted to me directly via email*, or to the “ficom” channel on Slack by August 15, 2017.
      3. Budget requests can be for project deliverables, based on an approved fee for services and not on an hourly rate.
      4. Budget discussions within committees and working groups should be clearly announced prior to the relevant meetings, through committee/working group listservs and to esip-all.
      5. Process for selections of any sub-awards should be described (e.g., competed within the group).




  1. Beagrie material
  1. Our needs for summer meeting:
    1. demo from NB on how to use these tools, how we might apply them to our needs.

Action Items

  1. Anne: contact Beagrie, confirm time we will meet (7/27 0900 Bloomington)
    1. what should we do to prepare
    2. are there questions he has for us
  2. Corinna - share NSF final report, please
  3. All: read the materal above, consider how the fit to our work from January
    1. discuss at next call (regular july call)