Sustainable Data Management/20161111 telcon notes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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    • Access Code: 618-011-013


  1. summaries/progress from the three subgroups,
    1. ROI
      1. ESIP session
      2. Winter 2017 workshop
    2. Landscape -
      1. conversation with Michael Witt (10/18)
      2. plans to work with re3data
    3. CTV


Present: Margaret O’Brien, Corinna Gries, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Ruth Duerr, Shelly Stall, Unknown caller (___)



  1. ROI
    1. ESIP winter meeting
      1. one session planned by this group - the ROI group will start to assemble some background info on how existing repos (data centers) to document their ‘value’.. What kinds of metrics, what do they count, etc.
      2. They have 3 speakers proposed
        1. One speaker lined up so far, JPL (insert name here) does web mining to justify missions
        2. “Random walk thru nature”
    2. Winter 2017 workshop
      1. invitations out, collecting participants, anticipating a final date soon. Late Jan - Feb.
  1. Landscape -
    1. conversation with Michael Witt (10/18)
      1. Shelly - update on the re3data dump, & her work with copdess. She is curating, but there is no way to sync back her changes to re2data. Michael Witt working on this.
        1. it will mean a change to re3data workings.
        2. They needed a group of use cases to figure out how to implement this. Our “landscape” is one of their use cases.
        3. Michael has sent a draft of what a use case should look like, from re3data’s point of view. Not ready to share widely yet.
      2. CDF is also working on a use case. They have a large need, so might hear from that crew as well. (CDF will meet at ESIP winter meeting.
  1. CTV
    1. no members present.