Sustainable Data Management/20161014 telcon notes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

To connect[edit | edit source]

  • Dial in using your phone: :United States: +1 (571) 317-3122
    • Access Code: 618-011-013

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  1. summaries/progress from the three subgroups, if any:
    1. ROI
    2. Landscape
    3. CTV
  1. Potential additional workshops to advance objectives
    1. with 2015 funding for travel
  1. ESIP Winter meeting:
    1. who is planning to attend
    2. are there 2-hr sessions which would help set up the agendas for in-person workshops?
    3. session proposals due October 31

Attending[edit | edit source]

Margaret O'Brien (organizer), Anne WIlson, Philip Tarrant, Bob Downs, Shelley Stall, Paul Lemieux

Regrets - Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Cyndy Parr, Corinna Gries

Notes[edit | edit source]

summaries/progress from the three subgroups[edit | edit source]

ROI: (from Nancy) ROI discussion planned for 10/27 10:30 PDT, to discuss EDI (Corinna, LPI) in the context of the JIST criteria for eval.

Landscape: From Shelly: re3data is interested in holding info about curation practices at repositories. CDF is starting to collect that sort of metadata as well. She will forward some info to this group, Contact at re3data is Michael Witt

Potential additional workshops to advance objectives[edit | edit source]

The same project that funded the 2015 Tempe workshop has funds for follow up meetings. (participant support only). The areas that are most likely to benefet from this are the ROI and CTV groups.

a small group interested in characterizing ROI more fully should meet for a working session.
Exact activities can be finalized at the next call (Nov or over email.Come up with metrics for measuring roi.
some metrics may be easy to finalize, eg, how many papers are connected to this data?
prioritize available techniques.
Eval-lite for when you don’t have much funding.
some semantic solutions exist (or very nearly), eg,
TBD, when others are available.

ESIP Winter meeting[edit | edit source]

A suggestion that we could use the winter meeting for workshop prep. eg, since this meeting is often populated by admins and agencies, query them about there priorities as ROI-stakeholders.

However, the meeting is short, and we have already done some of thiis work. So review old notes first, eg, ESIP workshop winter 2016 (from Anne):

Action items[edit | edit source]

Philip: initiate meeting planning, Winter 2017
All: review JIST report and previous Notes
Shelley: connect Margaret and Cyndy (landscape group) to the Chorus org.