Sustainable Data Management/20160720 ESIP summer mtg

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
ESIP summer meeting


Abstract and uploaded talks:

Speakers, from 3 points of view (<10 min each):

  1. Kerstin Lehnert - Repository Registries (COPDESS-Re3Data)
  2. Matt Jones - Repositories aggregators (Data ONE)
  3. Margaret O'Brien - Contributors (liaison, perspective from Researchers)
Also to discuss, Shelley Stall's visualization at

For each talk and following, we are discussing the following questions.



Outcomes of today's discussions

Recommendations for registries

  • send out reminder to update the registry record regularly
  • promote the business card standard
  • work to standardize the APIs that journals use to communicate with repositories
  • consider opening up correction process to anybody with confirmation by recordholder
  • note that some metadata about a repository may live in different registries (e.g. COPDESS doesn't have info about technical services but Council for Data Federation might and so does DataONE -- so registries should ensure linkage across the relevant records
  • work with Shelley to improve the currency of the data in re3data
  • make sure that the fields we would need for the services

Recommendations for repositories

  • take an active role in bringing COPDESS messages to your institution
  • create a standards compliant business card
  • use re3data as the authoritative source
  • validate your record in COPDESS (where you can own your record)
  • adopt an existing API rather than developing one of your own
  • use loose coupling so submission or authentication systems or other subsystems could be used across groups
  • start with small steps to participate in an aggregated network, incrementally improve
  • leverage added value from aggregators for things like data citation

Recommendations for liaisons

  • develop a set of questions to help narrow the list of options based on Margaret's questions
  • hope for consolidation to streamline the options in the longer term
  • help registries to track the right kind of info

Next steps for landscape analysis

  • will need to get metadata from re3data & COPDESS and CDF (sounds like they are just starting to develop their registry which may have technical info)
  • List the predominant standards eg APIs, ORCID, etc.
  • help to comment on Erin's and Shelley's flower diagram to make it better for understanding roles and their touchpoints
  • look for opportunities to streamline the landscape and fulfill the needs of different perspectives
  • summarize surveys about measuring these outcomes and the gaps (work with the ROI group
  • Shelley's graphic: could use libraries and business venn bubbles.
  • consider the collective approach -- sustain the network of landscape of repositories

Common technical vision

  • concern that lots of funding goes to developing bells and whistles (map viewers, authentication systems) and not to new added value
  • try to minimize overlaps
  • ensure that investment really increases the amount of data available and the ability to access it no matter what repository
  • streamline the following for economy of scale:
    • data quality
    • authentication
    • standards for metadata exchange & web services
    • author identifiers
    • helpdesk support (see set up to help set up computational gateways and web-based resource <--nancy wilkins-deer)
    • data preservation (connect with the data stewardship group)
    • citation
    • compliance mechanisms
    • search interfaces
    • ROI framework
    • business models
    • A common place to communicate (this cluster) including stories of how people are using data