Sustainable Data Management/20160708 telecon notes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


ESIP summer meeting prep
Poster for Summer meeting (due 6/15)
Draft here: link:
Current sessions:
last month's notes, 2 sessions
Summary Session:
COPDESS-Re3Data, Registry of Repositories (Kerstin Lehnert, tbd -- Cyndy emailed 6/16)
LTER, Perspectives from Researchers (Margaret O'Brien, confirmed)
Data ONE, Perspectives of aggregators (Matt Jones, confirmed)


  • Margaret O'Brien
  • Nancy Hoebelheinrich
  • Bob Downs
  • Shelley Stall
  • [many people missing, were at earth cube AHM, or other travel this week]



approved by this group - Margaret will submit for printing. One suggestion: tack up a page with the names of our sessions at the meeting, to attract other interested folks.

Meeting sessions

a fair amount of discussion in this area is anticipated, as this was a common topic at Earthcube AHM this week. NSF EC leadership is very interested in assessment methodologies (although neither Eva nor Amy will be at ESIP).
We still would like to connect with CDF about connecting our work to theirs. Perhaps specific individuals. However, CDF leadership is turning over: Kerstin, Mohan, Lindsay, Tim, others. Voting is at their ESIP all-day mgt, Friday.
Landscape/Gap session:
Action items (Margaret)
  1. contact Kerstin again (speaker, copdess). DONE - CONFIRMED.
  2. touch base with Matt and Corinna when they are back in town, as they both had ideas for what products they wanted to see.