Summer 2007 Session: Use Case SWOT

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

During the ESIP Winter meeting in Portland, the NASA Technology Infusion Working Group met to discuss the desirability of working with ESIP to develop a wide variety of use cases based on Earth Science Solution needs. These needs would drive technological approaches and specific technology solutions. Since that meeting, a use case template has been developed and the role of use case with the Federation and the Earth Information Exchange has been updated. Refer to the ESIP main wiki page (toward the bottom) [[1]]

The aim of this working session is to develop use cases in the agreed upon format. In the process, participants are encouraged to contribute their 'SWAT' for use case development.

Who should attend?

  • Users, with application needs
  • Data providers
  • Service providers
  • Technology providers

Contact: Peter Fox if you are interested.

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