Stay Connected

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Stay Connected

Stay Connected will allow ESIP, particularly the education committee, to learn from the first teacher workshop and prepare for future workshops that will help benefit educators at the following conference in summer 2010. In conjunction with the surveys and conference, a networking page will be created to continue to connect teachers who attended the summer 2009 conference, as well as teachers that have been introduced to ESIP through colleagues. This wiki page will allow information to be uploaded regarding how educators are using the material and technology, how they have altered it, new ideas and lesson plans they may have made, and etcetera. This will help facilitate the progression of current research and updated technology in the classroom making it accessible for conference attendees throughout the year, and continuing on. (Hopefully this can be attached to the ESIP wiki page as a separate educational aspect page.)

In early August, a post-conference survey will be email blasted to attendees of the teacher workshops to inquire about information they found useful, what could be improved and how they might utilize the programs and information they received in the classroom.

In November a follow up survey will be email blasted to the attendees of the workshop inquiring about what technology or materials from the conference they have used in the classroom, as well as any modifications they have made which they think would be beneficial to the education community.

The surveys will also be facilitated by a small conference in the Santa Barbara area (because most of the educators in attendance were close to that region) to discuss the 2009 conference and what programs and information teachers would like to see implemented that could be beneficial and improve next year’s teacher workshop. This can be thought of as a brainstorm activity to figure out what parts of Earth Science curriculum are still not technologically advanced and how the material, concepts and research available can be integrated into the curriculum to meet standards.

The results of the surveys and conference in November will hopefully guide the ESIP education committee for the workshop in the summer of 2010.