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IRI Data Library Function Ontology

This is not a service ontology per se, but it is an ontology of functions, i.e. the key part of the services I would like to provide. So it is midway between a use case and a service ontology, I guess.

The ontology is functions.owl, with instances at functions_ingrid.owl.

There is also an interface which displays the content of ontology as function documentation pages.

As for making these services, they would get wrapped: preceeded by a read-data-service command, and followed by a data-service-point command. They can also get strung together as a series of data filters, i.e. a scientific data flow. So I would also like to provide any legal concatenation of filters as a compound service. Another point of view, it is the scientific data flow that needs to be represented, with the actual breakdown into services a technical step hidden from the user.

Benno Blumenthal (Benno) 11:03, 16 May 2008 (EDT)