September 26, 2012

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Decisions Cluster September 26, 2012 Chuck Hutchinson, Ana Prados, Carol Meyer, Cathy Vaughan

WINTER MEETING: Evaluation Workshop

The evaluation workshop in DC will be more hands-on then that of the summer meeting. We hope to have folks work with the logic model in advance of the evaluation workshop at the winter meeting; some ideas on how to do that would be to send out exercises or to organize a pre-meeting webinar.

Actions to facilitate this: Carol will call Bill Michner to gauge interest/availability Ana will write to Josh to see if he's available Carol will get the survey data, and send it to Ana


We discussed a few opportunities for the cluster to help facilitate the use of ESIP data for informed decision making. Carol described the decision support tool that was being developed by the Energy and Climate cluster.

We decided it would be easier for the decisions cluster to focus on a specific sector than to make things too broad and explored air quality, climate, and disasters (based on Carol's recommendations). Disasters seems most immediately actionable. We may also be able to link to the GEO disasters cluster.

Actions to facilitate this: Ana will try to talk to Frank Lindsey about what might be useful Cathy will try to talk to folks at the IRI or IFRC Carol will try to meet with Frank when she is in DC in mid-October We will try to define some more concrete actions on the next call.