Sensor Web Tutorial

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Title: Sensor Web Tutorial

Presenters: Karen Moe/NASA and Dan Mandl/NASA

In 2004, NASA proposed an Earth science vision for a more robust Earth observing system, coupled with remote sensing data analysis tools and advances in Earth system models. The NASA Earth Science Technology Office is now conducting a 3-year program to explore the technology infrastructure, which will enable the visionary goals. The Advanced Information Systems Technology (AIST) program on sensor webs seeks to develop the technology and prototypes to demonstrate the evolving sensor web capabilities. This tutorial will discuss the concepts for a NASA Earth science sensor web and use examples from the AIST program to illustrate the benefits of the sensor web approach. The key technologies needed to enable sensor webs will be featured, as well as some of the challenges to realizing the vision. The goal of the tutorial is to lay the foundation for understanding the basic concepts that differentiate sensor webs from today’s distributed systems. Also, by understanding the contributions that sensor webs can play in Earth science systems and services, participants can evaluate their own applications to take advantage of the evolving sensor web concepts.

Duration: 2 hours