Sensor Web Enablement

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The OGC Sensor Web Enablement interoperability interfaces play a key role in many of the sensor web prototypes under development in NASA’s Advanced Information Systems technology (AIST) program, in the GEOSS pilots and other efforts.

This session will focus on the leading-edge experience of early adopters of the sensor tasking services such as the Sensor Planning Service and others. What are your experiences with early implementations?

Session Leaders: Karen Moe <>

Don Sullivan <>


Pat Cappelaere

Steve Olding

Brian Wilson

Helen Conover

Clyde Brown

Liping Di

Silvia Nittel

[Johannes Echterhoff via email]

The following listing tracks the discussion topic comments. Participants shared SWE lessons learned regarding complexity, performance, interoperability, overall satisfaction and notional total cost. We also discussed the NASA's rationale for and potential future interactions with SWE and OGC. A diagram exists at the TIWG sensor web collaboration web site.

SensorWeb Enablement

Survey Complexity Performance Interoperability Overall Satisfaction Total Cost

SWE Lessons Learned Don S. [IKHANA] SPS Issues Where is the plan? What was tasked? Who tasked it? User Authentication Access Control Asynchrony & Notifications Specifications Interdependance SAS WNS What about CAP? SPS vs Workflows Meta-SPS Draper SEPS (Liping) JPL ASPEN/CASPER

Pat C. [EO-1] WFS SOAP API Old REST API SOS SAS/WNS -> OPS-B WfCS SPS Different Communities Big IT shops ESA NGA Big Tightly Coupled Enterprises Mass Market neo-geographers Value-added Providers

Liping D. [GeoBrain] SWE getting Complex (SesnroML) Specification Overlap SAS/WNS interoperability issues Metadata / semantic issues Catalog issues SWE still work in progress but very promising no WSDL for GEO applications

Helen C. High Complexity Tools not there Fluid Specs OGC Oceans Interoperability Experiment Buoys Data SOS better suited than WFS for data set Generating cookbook and sample code

Johannes E. SOAP/WSDL WS-Addresing WS-Notificatiobn WS-Security IFGI SPS Camera control UAVs SOS Video Streaming


Rationale Interoperability Standard Development is Important Demos Pilots Wide Cooperation Cross Agencies International Universities Commercial

Potential Impact to upcoming missions Reduce Cost / Time International sensorweb for seamless asset / data sharing

NASA / DOD Interoperability Demonstrations Empire Challenge 08 09 Cross-domain Sensorweb System of Systems


NASA Requirements driving OGC Specifications Commercial Products Support Will become ISO/FGDC specifications NASA will need to comply to those specs

What's Next Goal: Getting to a Marginal Cost of adding 1 SWE node ~ 1day Simplication & Harmonization Requirements Common Architecture Mandate RESTFul Bindings For Mass Market Optional required binding Federated RESTful Security Profile Exchange for access control OpenID/OAuth WS-* WS-Addressing WS-Security / SAML WS-Notifications GeoRSS/KML/OpenSearch Sensor Discovery Catalog CS/W alternative to catalog Searchable Feeds KML / Micro-formats Semantic / Metadata