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The Semantic Harmonization cluster is a spinoff from the Semantic Technologies Committee. While its long term goals are to disseminate best practices for harmonizing semantic resources; its current focus is on bringing the SWEET ontology up-to-date while harmonizing it with other commonly used ontologies such as ENVO and working on a semantic harmonization paper. We have started by tackling ENVO to SWEET harmonization via a series of monthly mini-hackathons focusing for the moment on the cryosphere and the terminology work done under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization's Global Cryosphere Watch program.

That initial work is completed and we are collaborating on a number of other topic area of interest to ESIP such as wildfires of interest to the Ag and Climate cluster and initial work supporting the Soil cluster.


2019 - 2023

Meeting notes for the monthly ESIP harmonization of SWEET and EnvO are currently available here

There are also monthly meeting notes from the work on controlled, harmonized cryo vocabulary harmonization working sessions here.

Audio recordings for harmonization sessions available using links available here.



  • Working to harmonize Cryospheric terms between SWEET and ENVO.
  • Working on a paper about semantic harmonization experience as well as best practices for semantic harmonization based in part on the SWEET/ENVO experience along with a vision and strategy for moving forward. See more on this under the Resources section.

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  • Monthly Meetings: Third Wednesday of the month at 2pm EST
  • Last Meeting: Wed of Sept. 20th 2023.
  • Next "Hackathon" Meeting: Not set
  • Next Harmonization/Foundry Meeting: Wed. Oct. 11th, (2-4) EDT

These meetings are listed in the ESIP Calendar.

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Meeting ID: 853 4485 3594

Passcode: 532583

  • Contact Chairs: Ruth Duerr, Gary Berg-Cross