Scotty Strachan Candidate Statement 2021

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Scotty Strachan, Director of Cyberinfrastructure at the Office of Information Technology at the University of Nevada-Reno, Candidate for Vice President

As a candidate for Vice-President on ESIP’s volunteer Board for 2021, I would like to share my motivation and purpose for seeking to serve in this position.

First, ESIP fills a vital role of community facilitation at the nexus of earth science domains, research data management, and technological development. The issues facing science, earth systems, and integration of technology bring us to a crossroads of either further acceleration towards discovery, or stagnation or even devolution of scientific thinking and application. ESIP as an organization represents the voice and capability of those “in the trenches” and is positioned to apolitically advocate for much-needed national investment in technology-enhanced science for knowledge-driven stewardship of earth systems. This is a direction and conversation that I would like to contribute to more substantially as a community leader, to supplement my calling as a mountain climate scientist and research cyberinfrastructure architect.

Second, experience has shown me the value of personal and professional development that this great Federation offers non-traditional academic scientists and students, first as junior contributor (c.2012) and later co-Chair (c.2017) of the EnviroSensing Cluster. Traditionally disadvantaged people that come from any background are welcomed, given freedom to contribute, and provided opportunity to excel. This culture, from top to bottom, is what really sets ESIP apart as an organization, even in “progressive” academia. I wish to serve in some capacity to give back, sustain this value, and assimilate more of the operational posture with intent to pay it forward to other dimensions of my career.

I see great opportunities on the horizon for ESIP, both as a mature example of a facilitating organization as well as a stakeholder in development of national and international scientific and informatics best practices. As more funding agencies realize the needs and benefits of increasing investments in technology and cyberinfrastructure, I would assist to align ESIP with those opportunities where possible and in concert with the rest of the Federation’s leadership.

I hope that you as organizational partners share the same values and vision for the ESIP Federation as I do, and that you will consider a vote for me in the 2021 election. I have no doubt that all candidates brought forward by the elections committees for consideration are more than capable of guiding the evolution of excellence that defines the Federation, and I continue to be impressed with the professionalism and capability of our community’s dedicated core team.