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Notes from the ESIP summer 2014 meeting

Examples in wild


Main Multi-Format Validators

  • Google Webmaster Tools / Google Structured Data Testing Tool [1] Google's tool for validating, microformats and other structured data, and for generating previews of rich snippets in Google search results for supported types. Handles HTML marked up with microdata, RDFa and RDFa Lite.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool Bookmarklet [2] One-click access to Structured Data Testing Tool information on the page you're viewing.
  • Yandex Structured Data Testing Tool [3] Yandex Webmaster Yandex's tool for validating, microformats, JSON-LD and other structured data.
  • Structured Data Linter [4]
  • [5]
  • Validation and visualization tool for microdata, JSON-LD and RDFa, along with vocabulary validation support for, FOAF, SIOC, SKOS and Dublin Core (DCMI).
  • Sindice Web Data Inspector [6]
  • Sindice [7] Structured data visualization and validation tool for RDF files, HTML pages embedding microformats and XHTML pages embedding RDFa (beta).
  • Bing also provides a beta Markup Validator, but use of this tool requires you first to login to Bing Webmaster Tools [8]. Note that once logged in a webmaster can use the Validator to check the markup of any URL, not just the URLs of domains belonging to that Webmaster Tools account.

RDFa Tools

  • RDFa Play [9]
  • [[10] A real-time RDFa 1.1 editor, data visualizer and debugger (beta).

Mcirodata Tools

HTML5 microdata parser that displays details for each microdata type.

  • Microdata Parser [11]


Web-based JSON-LD viewer and debugger (beta).

  • JSON-LD Playground [12]
  • [13]

Structured Data Conversion Tools and Utilities

A multi-format conversion tool for structured markup, providing conversions to and from RDFa, microdata, JSON-LD, RDF/XML, RDF/JSON and more. Conversion input can be a URI or text. Comes with a REST API for developers.

  • RDF Translator [14]
  • Convert RDFa to JSON-LD Bookmarklet [15] Extracts RDFa from the current page and displays it as JSON-LD.

Chrome extensions

  • Microdata.reveal [16]
  • Microdata/JSON-LD sniffer [17]
  • Semantic inspector [18]
  • META SEO inspector [19]
  • Green Turtle RDFa [20]