Satellite Observations in Science Education Summer2009

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Satellite Observations in Science Education, or SOSE, is a NASA funded project designed to improve teaching and learning about the Earth system, through the use of quality educational resources that make use of satellite observations. The ideas are 1) e-learning is becoming a critical component of education, and 2) students learn best when web tools are interactive and address real-world problems. The SOSE project has developed a free toolkit of reusable components teachers can use to quickly build their own web-based scientific learning activities. In this session, we will walk through examples of online learning modules built using the SOSE toolkit. We will step through the examples together, to get a feel for the interactive nature. Some example topic areas are: icebergs, jet streams, ocean upwelling, hurricanes. We will then discuss possible ways teachers could use these resources in their own curricula.

Presenter: Tommy Jasmin, SSEC, University of Wisconsin, Madison