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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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The genius of the ESIP acronym, for me at least, is in the final letter. P is for Partners.


I started out as Naval systems engineer and learned from my mentors what it took to weave a team of individuals with a diverse set of talents, backgrounds and approaches, into a cohesive body capable of success at the highest level, driven by a common vision. Years later, I returned to Scripps Institution of Oceanography in a technical capacity that led to managing projects during the last quarter century. My current career charges me to lead a small team of outstanding field and laboratory professionals who create and curate a collection of marine observations that have global environmental impact.

ESIP is unique and has matured over two decades to the point where it can be extremely effective. It has found the balance necessary to maintain a dependable infrastructure while that same foundation fosters discussion, innovation and the production of industry-adoptable outcomes that range from accepted standards to cutting edge technologies. It can and will be focused on newcomers, while maintaining an open community of like-minded people that we all come home to twice a year. In that spirit, I intend to serve the leadership of ESIP with a renewed interest in each individual’s career challenges and goals, whether they join at the next meeting or have been members for years.

We exist at a moment in history where almost anything is technically possible, and access to that knowledge and technology carries a measure of responsibility. We are honor-bound to participate in the creation of a data system worthy of the science and engineering that has been invested in our observing systems. We must use our imagination, creativity and experience to make the right choices, and we will continually correct our course to provide the best data and information to help guide the decisions that make ours a better world.

I would be honored to serve Earth Science Information Partners as Vice President.