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Ontology Portal Evaluation Approach: Introduction[edit | edit source]

This page supports ESIP's evaluation of semantic repository solutions. It considers both comparative evaluations of different technology approaches, and a business cost justification model that could be used to justify funding semantic web repositories. All ESIP members (and anyone else with an account on this wiki) are welcome to contribute.

Comparing Semantic Repository Implementations[edit | edit source]

In general in this document:

  • 'ontology' refers to any semantic artifact, whether expressed in OWL/RDF, another OWL representation, or a simpler form like Excel or CSV that can be converted into a semantic artifact.
  • URI is used to mean a unique web identifier, aka IRI; it usually but not always is a URL.

Features/Services[edit | edit source]

These are the functions offered by the repository.

Ingest capabilities[edit | edit source]

Search capabilities[edit | edit source]

How detailed are the search options in the UI? Are faceted searches available?

Browse capabilities[edit | edit source]

Display capabilities[edit | edit source]

What options are available for displaying and viewing concepts, ontologies, and metadata?

Download capabilities[edit | edit source]

Mapping capabilities[edit | edit source]

Inferencing capabilities[edit | edit source]

Query capabilities[edit | edit source]

Protocols[edit | edit source]

Protocols describe how the repository makes its information, submissions, and entries available: what syntax, semantics, and specifications are supported in the data and commands that go into the system, and come out of it?

Ontology download formats[edit | edit source]

Ontology upload formats[edit | edit source]

=== URI format for concepts and artifacts

API support[edit | edit source]

How many/which features are available to other applications via API calls? Are these calls REST-based?

How is the URI for each concept in the repository represented? How is the URI for each artifact represented? Are the offered URIs versioned, unversioned, or both?

Usability[edit | edit source]

Ease of content submission[edit | edit source]

Ease of content updates[edit | edit source]

Documentation[edit | edit source]

Responsiveness[edit | edit source]

Reliability/Uptime[edit | edit source]

Authentication and Security[edit | edit source]

What types of login features are supported?

Support for Teams and Roles[edit | edit source]

Can teams be defined of multiple members? Can multiple members of a team edit the same ontology?

Cost[edit | edit source]

Costs are given in labor hours and funds required to start and operate the service.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Operations[edit | edit source]

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Justifying Semantic Web Repository Business Costs[edit | edit source]

(see the [SW OPortal Discussion:Talk|Discussion] page for ideas.)

References[edit | edit source]

[1] ODM2 evaluation of MMI ORR: https://github.com/ODM2/ODM2/blob/07e4e30fc4d6763b8bcae771ffbb7228fc5a3f65/doc/ODM2Docs/concept_controlledvocabs.md