From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Previous action items (see notes)
    • Winter meeting report on sessions
    • Toolmatch/rules update (Chris/ Eric)
    • Ontology governance update (Peter)
    • Ontology portal (Line)
  • Discuss 2013 activities
    • schema.org and datasets and Earth Science (Brian)
    • PROV-ES
    • VISKO
    • IQ cluster interactions
  • Other/New items


Previous Action Items

  • Eric - document the ToolMatch software stack
  • Eric - look into the rules that Chris Lynnes provided, to create mappings to DL or FOL (Done)
  • Eric - update Session info on Commons (Done)
  • Chris, Eric, Peter - coordinate on Rules Overview session (Done)
  • Peter - add OBO Foundry principles discussion to ESIP Winter Meeting agenda (Done)

Action Items

  • Eric - document the ToolMatch software stack
  • Peter - touch base with Hook and Curt on plans for PROV-ES work, and how to coordinate with Semantic Web Cluster. Presentation by Hook/Curt in Feb. or Mar.?
  • Chris - Touch base with Brent Maddux on data quality ontologies w.r.t. IQ work inside the Data Preservation Committee
  • Line - Look into possible reuse of VISKO rules for ToolMatch
  • Everyone - read proposal for datasets in schema.org, http://blog.schema.org/2012/07/describing-datasets-with-schemaorg.html, and discuss. Topic for Feb. telecon.


Action Items Review

All done for/at meeting except:

  • Eric - document the ToolMatch software stack

Winter Meeting Report

  • ToolMatch rules

Good attendance; uptake TBD. Interesting (Line) and educational (Chris) session.

  • Ontology governance
    • Recap of plan for Peter to coordinate group of 4 to develop ontology governance proposal:
      • Peter Fox - coordinator
      • Line Pouchard - technical
      • Chris Lynnes - Use case
      • Bob Downs - Community minded
      • Cindy Chandler - Ontology owner
    • Chris: ToolMatch rule submission presents one use case
  • Ontology portal
    • New deployment for end of February (Status at Feb. telecon)

2013 Activities

  • Schema.org - review proposal (see action items) and discuss
    • Brian: for example, hierarchy of keywords very helpful in GCMD
    • Deborah: but schema.org targeted at lightweight solutions
    • Hook pushing forward, esp. at processing level
    • Curt Tilmes looking for higher level concepts
    • Deborah McGuinness interested from standpoint of needed aspects/concepts that did not make it into the last standard + PML 3
      • Note: Overlap among VISKO, PROV-ES, PML 3
    • Line: rules in VISKO may be useful for ToolMatch
  • IQ cluster interactions
    • IQ Cluster now part of Preservation Committee
    • Chris - coordinate with Brent Maddux on IQ-related ontologies

New Business