From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Bob Groman
  • Dalia Varanca
  • Erin Robinson
  • Peter Fox
  • Tom Narock
  • Chris Lynnes
  • Eric Rozell
  • Alan Chappell
  • Brian Wilson
  • Marshall Ma
  • Beth Huffer
  • James Gallagher

Previous Action Items

  • Eric - Determine state of ToolMatch application framework
  • Line - Contact Stanford about BioPortal and keep Peter posted
  • Peter & Line - follow up on role of BioPortal in ESIP
  • Peter - contact a few people before next call to "convince" them to do more research on ontology governance
  • Peter - contact Info Quality cluster lead to participate in their telecoms
  • Chris, Eric, Peter - sync up on "rules" presentation for winter meeting

Action Items

  • Eric - document the ToolMatch software stack
  • Peter - contact a few people before next call to "convince" them to do more research on ontology governance
  • Eric - look into the rules that Chris Lynnes provided, to create mappings to DL or FOL
  • Chris, Eric, Peter - coordinate on Rules Overview session
  • Erin, Peter - contact EarthCube (Yolanda Gil) on potential joint workshop with ESIP on Semantic Web


Reviewing Action Items

  • Eric will document the code for ToolMatch infrastructure
  • Presentation for ESIP Ontology Portal at Winter Meeting
  • Line has put in a follow-up proposal for the Products and Services committee
  • None yet...
  • Did contact quality cluster
  • Chris sent out a rich set of "written English" rules for matching datasets to tools, ToolMatch
    • Proposal for winter meeting is to have a seminar on the use of rules

ToolMatch Overview

  • Covered in previous action items


  • Next themes: review of Earth Science ontologies, how to do reviews of ontologies
    • Line up of speakers for this topic
  • Lots of other themes

How is Governance Handled?

  • Simple structure:
    • Person reaches out to PoC and gets changes made ad hoc
  • Peter gives slides on different types of ontology governance
  • Discussion of simple vs. complex governance structure
  • General consensus that simple is going to be the best approach

EarthCube Meeting Overview

  • Lots of attention to Semantic Web by younger (early career) crowd at meeting
  • Wanted to know what vocabularies were available, how to use linked data right away
  • Low barrier to adoption within community
  • Report about meeting coming soon
  • "Bootcamps" preferred to "Summer School"

ESDSWG Quad Chart

  • Should the Semantic Web working group move forward in ESDS?
  • Intent is to evangelize "semantic mashups" using linked data (e.g., AGU, ToolMatch, ...)
  • Demo of ECHO LOD
  • How many killer apps/mashups are there of interest to the ESDSWG stakeholders
  • Need to contact the people in ECHO who are doing architecture studies
  • What about using granule-level RDF for DAAC servers?