From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Chris Lynenes
  • Peter Fox
  • Eric Rozell
  • Line Pouchard
  • Anne Wilson
  • Marshall X Ma
  • Robert Downs
  • Ruth Duerr

Action Items

  • Eric - Determine state of ToolMatch application framework
  • Line - Contact Stanford about BioPortal and keep Peter posted
  • Peter & Line - follow up on role of BioPortal in ESIP
  • Peter - contact a few people before next call to "convince" them to do more research on ontology governance
  • Peter - contact Info Quality cluster lead to participate in their telecoms
  • Chris, Eric, Peter - sync up on "rules" presentation for winter meeting


SW hackathon session topics

  • ToolMatch Talkoot
    • Need an application framework
    • At this point, Eric hasn't worked on back-end since
    • Need to define/partion
    • UI for adding triplestore
    • Simple query interface (given a dataset, what tools work, etc.)
    • Some tools can only be "enumerated", but this should not be an issue
    • Get a framework up and running, do a dry run, then virtual Talkoot
  • Training session for BioPortal (remote?) from Stanford Group
    • Line will reach out to Stanford contacts about this
  • (Potentially) Annotations/Quality Control "hack-a-thon" session for Ontology
    • This would not require specific expertise in ontology portal?
    • But, if the SW cluster prioritizes what we want for Winter Meeting, that can go into the ESIP Products & Services proposal

SW Tutorials

  • i.e., experts sessions
  • what advanced topics are people interested?
    • Rule sets for tool datasets
    • Chris will be able to provide grounding examples

SW hands on

  • i.e., cross cluster sessions
  • Info Quality
  • Preservation & Stewardship
  • Energy & Climate

Ontolog sessions advertisement (EarthCube related) - Dalia

  • Dalia (coordinator for Ontolog) is not on this call (no updates)
  • Notes missed, discussion of EarthCube and ESIP relationship?

Ontology governance by cluster

  • Functions; ticket, comment, tracking update
  • What's put into Portal and by whom
  • Curation guidance
  • With all ontologies, there is some ownership (e.g., JPL for SWEET)
    • ESIP has governance responsibility for SWEET
    • If SWEET is put in some other repository (not-ESIP) JPL may not recognize comments, if it is the ESIP portal (which will be curated), then the changes will be made.
    • What's put into the portal and by whom?
    • This is not a "dumping ground" for random ontologies, paying attention to quality, annotations, etc.
    • We should get the initial portal to a point it can be released
  • Set up a sub-group in SW cluster to discuss guidelines for content of ontologies in Portal
    • Volunteers?
      • Ruth is interested in the results of this, would play reviewer role
    • Are there any existing guidelines/best practices that we could adopt?
    • Mostly interested in: what types of ontologies should go in this? how should hack-a-thon sessions be targeted? etc…
    • Namespacing issues still need to be resolved (should an ESIP ontology be in a UAH namespace etc.)

Other business

  • Not discussed