From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Chris Lynenes
  • Hook Hua
  • Nga Chung
  • Tom Narock
  • Wenli Yang
  • Peisheng
  • Beth
  • Eric Rozell
  • Line Pouchard
  • Erin Robinson


Outcome discussion of ToolMatch Talkoot and next steps

  • Can't use Titanpad with iPad
  • Need to account for inferencing expections
  • We'll need have some ground truth data for inferred triples
  • Eric working on in-memory storage of RDF (including DL reasoning)
  • At Langley, looking into various reasoning engines
  • BioPortal virtual appliance may lag in getting a triple store and SPARQL integrated
  • Need to answer governance / security / maintenance questions

General ESIP meeting discussion and planning for 2013 Winter meeting

  • Tutorials/ hackathon
    • During registration process, we can ask demographics on interest and expectations from hack-a-thons
    • Many users may not know what they want from a hack-a-thon session
    • Evaluation workshop was very useful, one option may be to do a similar evaluation workshop for Semantic Web related technologies
    • ESIP-stamped linked data testbed, lower the barrier of entry (a continuation of ToolMatch would be a good testbed)
    • Is there someway to align the Toolmatch work with "dark data" (i.e., outside of the DAACs)?
    • What if we were doing something that crosses ESIP clusters (SW, Discovery, ESC)?
    • Can we come up with some "grand challenge" questions that cross the clusters for these type of hack-a-thons?
  • Experts sessions

Bioportal @ ORNL

  • Status
    • Student is moving along
    • Virtual appliance lags behind latest BioPortal release
  • Ontologies governance by cluster
    • We need a dedicated session to discuss governance/maintenance/security issues

Other business