From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

May 22, 2012 Telecon Notes

  • Tool Match Talkoot
    • Currently investigating several options for the summer meeting.
      • have participants write Turtle, which can then be uploaded to a triple store
      • use a framework like Callimachus to create a simple form-based interface and query interface
      • use cloud-based resource such as Dydra
      • Rahul noted that Drupal also offers ways of doing this
  • Bioportal at ORNL
    • Bioportal will ultimately be deployed in the Amazon cloud. Currently students are fixing bugs and creating a new image file. This is expected to be completed by end of June. The intent is to rename Bioportal to something more Earth science oriented. SWEET will be one of the first ontologies inserted into the portal. The portal is expected to offer additional features such as visualization of concepts and creation of mappings between concepts.
      • Chris has several data quality ontologies that will be placed in the portal when it is ready
      • Rahul has the most recent version of data and services ontology and will contribute that to the portal
      • Hook: we should leverage the other clusters to develop use cases of how they would/could use the portal
      • Governance of the SWEET ontology should be added to the agenda for the summer meeting
  • Earth Cube semantic web efforts