From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Attendees: Peter Fox, Curt Tilmes, Brian Wilson, Erin Robinson, Hook Hua, James Gallagher, Bob Downs, Ruth Duerr, Eric Rozell

  • Ontology Repository
    • Peter: Products and Services has approved request for an ESIP cloud-based ontology repository. Project is on track to approval and currently in Finance Committee
    • Tom: AGU is now very interested in Linked Open Data. AGU would like to deploy infrastructure to host RDF data. They are interested in having discussions with other agencies - EGU and AMS were mentioned - to create additional RDF and host at AGU triple store. Eric and Tom are continuing discussions with AGU to develop the required infrastructure and assist in RDF generation.
    • Tom: There is a possibility that our linked open data browser could be a scheduling/browsing app used at the next Fall Meeting. Discussions continue with AGU.
    • Peter: As a cluster we should unlock as much data as possible as expose as linked data
    • Chris: Use cases are important and should guide the creation of linked data and applications
    • Eric: Interesting use case would be to have telecon instances with annotations to the projects that were discussed
    • Action Item: There was general agreement that exposing cluster data as RDF LOD is a good idea. Discussions will continue as to use cases and priorities.
  • ESIP Commons
    • Erin gave a demo and overview of the Commons
  • Tool Match
    • Chris discussed the Tool Match project and efforts to link tools to data via semantics
    • An initial ontology model was presented
    • Action Item: Volunteers are needed to review the current model - Eric and Ruth volunteered, more volunteers are welcome
    • Eric's suggested model updates
  • Semantic Web in Earth Science White Paper
    • Chris created a wiki page to highlight Semantic Web apps within Earth Science
    • Currently it is not complete and additional articles are requested
    • Action Item: Hook will provide a provenance article and Ruth will provide sea ice article
    • Peter: this page should be reviewed and updated regularly. It should be a place that everyone can point to when asked about semantic web applications
  • Opendap and RDF
    • James discussed opendaps ability to output RDF.
  • Navy SPAWAR Workshop
    • Hook described the upcoming NAVY SPAWAR workshop to be held March 20 and 21. Day 1 is a government to government discussion and day 2 is conference style discussions. Hook will be presenting NASA and ESIP semantic web applications
    • Action Item: Hook needs 1 slide from anyone who wants their application mentioned. Slides should discuss the problem that was solved via semantics and possibly the collaborative nature of solving the problem.