From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Winter Meeting Goals

  • Erin: ESIP wants a coherent plan from all clusters - what they intend to accomplish over the next year
  • Brian: Semantic Web Cluster needs to recruit more people, current separation between discussion (TWIG) and implementation (Cluster) needs to be removed
  • Peter: we will use the business meeting to discuss better agency integration with SW cluster
  • Action Item: Tom will get the list of people that volunteered for sem web demos to Brian. The current sem web demo session at the winter meeting is not filled yet and we need to recruit more demos

ESIP Network Map

  • Erin is using the TouchGraph application to create a visual representation of the ESIP Network
  • There are several other related projects and it would be good to get everyone together
  • A Hackathon was mentioned as an ideal way to continue this work and integrate with other projects
  • Some initial concerns over privacy were raised but it was pointed out that all this data is public

Tom/Eric Funding Friday Project

  • Tom and Eric are creating linked data from publicly available AGU and ESIP data
  • Currently the project has RDF for 2005 to 2010 AGU meetings (all sections) and 2006 to 2011 ESIP meetings
  • Asking community to validate the links made between AGU and ESIP data: http://essi-lod.org/sameAs.php
  • Visualizations of this information are being created via web and mobile apps
  • Action Item: what to do with existing FOAF profiles. Tom will work with Eric to create a way to reuse existing FOAF profiles

Information Quality

  • Greg gave a presentation on Information Quality and the needs of that community
  • The information quality cluster is in need of a information quality ontology
  • Discussions will continue at the Winter meeting and at some point the Semantic Web Cluster will be invited to joint Information Quality discussions