From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Erin Robinson
  • Bob Downs
  • Rob Raskin
  • Curt Tilmes
  • Peter Fox
  • Judy Hertz
  • Call-in User_4

Action Items

  • Peter: add goals/outcomes discussion to next months agenda
  • Erin: plan to demo TouchGraph of ESIP social network at next months meeting


Administrative Stuff

  • 15 People can make the meeting at this time
  • There will not be a telecon in December

Cluster activities

  • Quality: needed for Info Quality Semantic Web Primer
    • Status? (Peter's Report)
      • requested presentation from Info Quality cluster for upcoming telecon (probably November)

Plans for Winter meeting

  • Update from Erin
    • Theme is around collaboration
    • First draft of the agenda is up
    • Question about where Semantic Web will fit in (into existing sections)
      • Chris suggested one session for Semantic Web planning
    • Bigger focus of upcoming meeting is ESC and the interoperability stack
      • ESC has session on first afternoon plus a ESC charrette on the last afternoon
      • Link: [1]
    • Review from summer
      • One session at the end of the summer meeting (to wrap up business and to avoid clashes with other clusters)
      • What are the opinions of the cluster for having an additional meeting?
      • Thursday Afternoon 4-5:30 has the least number of clashes with other members clusters
    • One of the goals for the meeting is to report on the services they provide other clusters
      • Need to add the goals and outcomes to the next agenda

Eric/Tom activities

  • Linked Open Research Data for Earth and Space Science Informatics (ESIP Funding Friday Project)
    • Looking to leverage the SWEET ontologies (need human-readable labels)
      • Parse camel-case for SWEET ontologies
    • Need solution for owl:sameAs (thinking crowd-sourcing to ESIP community)
      • Build an interface for suggesting possible sameAs links
    • Looking for suggestions for data visualizations
      • a graph visualization for connections between abstracts, sessions, and sections
    • Potential coordination with AGU communities beyond ESSI (any connections in the group?)
      • Some suggested targets: SPA Solar and Heliospheric Physics (SH), Atmospheric Science (A), Education and Human Resources (ED)

ESIP Network Use Case

  • Status?
    • Suggested as a useful hackathon activity for the summer meeting
    • TouchGraph to visualize the ESIP social network
    • Erin could present a TouchGraph mock-up/demo in the next month's telecon (to inspire ideas/participation)

New activities

  • Ontology governance
    • Looking for a member-at-large to participate in ontology governance (dervied from ESIP and Semantic Web cluster)
    • Bob Downs "volunteered" to act as member-at-large

next Month's Agenda

    • Info Quality Presenation
    • Identify goals/outcomes of Winter Meeting
    • Erin will demonstrate ESIP Network progress
    • Eric/Tom will give more updates/questions about ESIP project