From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Action Items

  • Peter and Greg to coordinate sub-discussion on info quality and semantic web
  • Peter, Ruth, Chris, and Raul to coordinate sub-discussion on data and service ontology
  • Peter: update the ontology governance process on the wiki


  • Peter Fox
  • Chris Lynnes
  • Erin Robinson
  • Ruth Duerr
  • Greg Leptoukh
  • Alex Sorokine
  • Curt Tilmes


  • See email from Alex Sorokine in cluster mailing list

Cluster activities

Quality: needed for Info Quality Semantic Web Primer

  • What are info quality needs for Semantic Web
  • Info Quality will present in a future SW cluster telecon

Data / Service ontology

  • currently being used at UTEP
  • Ruth and Chris interested in using/furthering the ontology

Preservation and Stewardship

  • Group has interest in reusing existing identifiers and vocabularies for people and projects
  • Semantic Web cluster has role of defining best practices for SW-related work, such as identifier/vocabulary reuse


  • Working on DCP-3, which will have a clearer role for SW technologies
  • Chris will be interested in presenting Discovery-related work in 2012

Joint session with NASA TIWG in Nov. ESDSWG meeting

  • ESDSWG seeking demonstrations of Semantic Web use
  • If interested in giving a demo, contact Peter (who will connect you w/ Brian Wilson and Matt Little)

Eric/Tom activities (ESIP FUNding Friday Work)

  • Working on conversion of AGU abstract data into linked data (mostly complete)
  • Also working on connecting AGU authors to corresponding people in ESIP community
    • Already have ESIP meeting attendance from Erin Robinson (in Excel)
  • Likely that this work can be reused to help evaluate ESIP social network
  • Other activities ongoing, such as uniquely identifying organizations and geospatial regions
    • Use case: Who from Organization X (or near Location Y) has (worked with | expertise in) Technology Z?

ESIP Network Use Case

  • Erin Robinson brought up an evaluation of ESIP social network at Summer Meeting
  • Potential to incorporate ESIP Skills and Expertise database and Eric and Tom's work on AGU-ESSI/ESIP correlation
  • Chris suggests a hackathon for SemWeb community on this type of project

New activities

Casting ontology

  • Summer meeting discussion about data and service casting ontology
  • data and service casting activities have converged around the discovery cluster
  • more info about SemWeb needs to come after Brian Wilson's upcoming DCP-3

Revisit tutorials and webinars

  • Should the same tutorial be held again at the Winter meeting (not a lot of interest)
  • Could switch to a webinar instead, a set of presentations and a discussion, benefit is recording
    • individuals present different sections in the webinar
  • this is not as "dynamic" as a live tutorial, so should also incorporate Q&A


  • Where should this be organized? ESIP Winter Meeting?
    • In the past, SW cluster has held ontology development sessions day before/after the Winter meeting
  • Chris suggests that significant planning should occur, could hold the hackathon at the summer meeting

Other business


  • Ruth needs to adapt SWEET to a more specific domain ontology
  • SW Cluster is supposed to have a governance procedure for ontologies, including SWEET
  • Current suggestions and errors should be sent directly to Rob Raskin
  • Current governance procedure (will be updated on the SW cluster wiki page for governance)
    • Contact Rob Raskin directly to discuss the suggestions, update, extension, error, etc.
    • Rob will decide if change requires input from ESIP community (i.e, SW cluster) and notify cluster
    • Discussion will be held at the next telecon