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March 22, 2011 Telecon Notes

March 22, 2011 Telecon


  • Steve Aulenbach, Erin Robinson, Rob Raskin, Hook Hua, Judy Hertz, Bob Downs, Mike Little, Chris Lynnes, Kai, Rezgui, Curt Tilmes, Alex (ORNL), James Gallagher, Peter Fox.
  • Time - 2-4pm ET


  • Preparation for AGU session submission
    • Collaboration framework - matured or not?
    • workflow provenance - emerging issues + semweb technology
    • linked data
    • semweb applications - sem interop - federating across applications/ organizational units (Chris)
    • cross-cutting interop (Hook)
    • Bob D noted more competition for sessions, Rob R suggested ONE interop session
    • Steve A noted NSB interest in data intensive science (with semantics)
    • Emerging issues - compare with interop, or cross with workflow/provenance (??)
  • Ontology Activities of ESIP Winter Semantic Web Tutorial (Peter, Chris, Hook, Rob)
    • General
      • Joint Pres/Stew and Sem Web cluster workshop (Hook, Curt, Rob, Peter)
      • Joint IQ and Sem Web cluster workshop (Greg, Chris, Rob, Peter)
    • Quality ontology
      • development - need outreach for use cases (Peter, Chris, Hook Mike)
    • Data and services ontology
      • development - need to review preveious use cases and update them - need volunteers
    • Preservation and Stewardship ontology
      • provenance related development - need outreach for use cases (Curt, ???)
  • SW Tutorial option
    • open meeting days -> breakout and technical workshops featuring training components (Erin)
    • all of Tuesday available (meeting starts at ~ lunch)
    • overall, exact content and who can participate to run/ teach/ present is undecided.

  • Testbed status update (from last telecon)
    • coming